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In No Particular Order

Oh this is hard isn’t it. My gorgeous friend and website designer Sarah asks “Can you write a power paragraph about yourself?”

Yep. Course……..Errrrrrrrrrrr…….

Staring at the screen for ages now. What are you supposed to say when I should be bigging myself up? I am a bloody journalist. Albeit one that trained in 1996. We did not have Google. We had to graft for stories I tell you. I should be able to bash this out no problem.

Sitting here thinking what is my power? It is incredibly hard to do this about yourself but actually I think my power is people. I am a people person. Hence being a journalist. I love finding out about people, the truth, stories, connections. Ok in simpler terms, I love talking. 

“Victoria needs to stop talking in class”. I never really stopped. Funny how the one thing deemed to be such a big negative all through my school years is what turns out to be my power.

I am a very excitable and passionate person. Until very recently I saw this as a pain in the arse. A huge negative. Until Instagram.

I came to Instagram very relunctantly to sell some prints. I thought I was too old to understand. How wrong was I!?

Two years on and I have lived up to the name I gave myself. INPOlife. My life In No Particular Order. 

If you had told me two years ago this all would have happened I would have bolted. Yet here I am and I bloody love it. I have created a world where I can write and connect. My purpose was always selling but I have enjoyed myself. I was selling prints but in turn it became more about me. Me dicking about because it turns out people like a bit of fun. A little bit of sunshine. I know it sounds cheesy but is there anything better than that?

Sharing little snippets of my life seems to make people happy. I have to be honest too. I am not always up. Sometimes I share a bit of the down. Sometimes I just go a little quiet. 

I still get a thrill when a brand connects with me. I do not ever want to lose that “Are you shitting me?” feeling. 

I love working with brands and talking about what they want to project and what stories we can tell together.y

So where is INPO heading? If you had asked me two years ago I would have told a silly joke or simply said who knows. Now I have dreams. I have plans. I cannot wait to share them with you.

A little bit of this. A little bit of that. INPO. In No Particular Order.

This website means I finally have a home. It is the first step to creatiing my very own stage! I love Instagram and always will but it’s a snippet and I have so much more to give and I would love for you to come along for the ride.


Vickie X, INPO